Across Africa, seasons pirouette across the savannah. Dry heat scorches, etching cracks in the earth. Then, clouds gather, unleashing torrents that breathe life into barren plains. Amidst the cycle, nature's rhythm beats, a timeless dance of survival and renewal under the vast African sky.

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    Harmattan: Ɔpɛ 

    Ɔpɛ is an exquisite candle that captures the crisp, cool winds and serene landscapes of the Harmattan, transporting you to the heart of Africa with every flicker of its flame.

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    Tropical: Aduaba

    Aduaba consists of quintessential tropical fruits. embodying the essence of a sun-kissed paradise and a blissful, tropical retreat.

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    Monsoon: Nsuyiri

    Nsuyiri is dedicated to the refreshing African Monsoon season, yet in turn draws attention to the flooding and environmental issues that are becoming more prevalent in Africa.

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