Story behind the collections...

Living in France for a year really opened my eyes to many things. My experience sparked an interest in fragrances - from fun and flirty to complex and dark. Some scents still remain nostalgic, set to that particular time in my life. I also had the opportunity to meet individuals who helped to improve my understanding of Africa and its vast and rich culture. This exposure set in stone the importance to not feel like a stranger from the diaspora but to find my own personal link to home, Ghana. I still have so much more to explore and learn. I believe with BƆTA, we’ll be able to uncover much more together about the continent. 

So here is to the 3 massage candle collections: Essentielle, Aphrodisiaque, Gourmand. My recognition to a time in my life where I was discovering luxurious scents and a new and intriguing side to Africa. 

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Classic Collections

Aphrodisiaque Collection

Sensual and sultry best describes this collection. The scent and feel of this candle will captivate you each time it’s used. Take a moment to uncover what Love smells like, as a mixture of floral, balsamic and boozy notes are featured.

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Essentielle Collection

Receive all the benefits of essential oils. Not only does the rich blend of organic butters and oils leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished, but the essential oils allow for optimal aromatherapy. Leaving you feeling better mentally and physically.

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Gourmand Collection

For lovers of sweet edible notes, this candle collection hits the spot. Notes such as vanilla, chocolate, fruits and berries are complemented with the unrefined cocoa butter, to create warm and flavourful scents.

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Scented Candles

Create the perfect moment and ambiance with our Scented Candles. Created to give off a scent throw that fills the room. Designed to provide aesthetic appeal to your home.