About BƆTA

Thank you for showing interest in BƆTA.

BƆTA started as a mere concept in 2018. It was a way of combining my love for natural products and exquisite scents, with my desire to wave the flag of Ghana, where my inspiration lies. Now, BƆTA has developed an ethos that encompasses all things wellbeing, with well-designed and affordable products at its core.

The word ‘BƆTA’ is from the Twi language and takes its meaning from the word ‘butter’ in English. Its feature here is an acknowledgment of shea butter and cocoa butter and sets its path as a reminder of the vast rich resources and cultures that the continent, Africa, embodies. Resources and cultures that we believe can contribute to the improvement of mental and physical wellness.

As a company, BƆTA aims to shine a light on self-care whilst celebrating African heritage. We hope to extend the importance of wellbeing and happiness to everyone who encounters the brand.


- Raveene-Jonelle