Our fathers trusted our ancestors for wisdom and guidance in day-to-day decisions. However, when it came to protection, that was the work of Nyame, the sky God. Yes, in worship and adoration, they would look to the skies and believe for its blessings of rain to refresh the earth and the touch of the sun to nourish their souls. Now we look to the skies, but for a different reason. Is this a blessing? The skies come alive. A heavy wind rumbles across the land. It’s as if dust has its own scent and taste, one not easily forgotten. One loves the taste of roasted corn, peanuts, and plantain, but in this season, Nyame gives his own roasted taste. A taste for the soul. Then the heat. Same sun, but a very different heat. One that dries up the skin. This state causes you to think, to reflect, to meditate. Harmattan, our people today call it. The dry season. The time when the air is like incense wafting in and out of one’s dreams. Our fathers said it was Nyame’s call to rest. It would be good to rest when the atmosphere is like this.